Smart Transportation and Inclusive Mobility

Adaptive Support for Multimodal Transportation of People with Reduced Mobility

Project start
January 2016

This project aims to develop an independant navigation tool for people with motor deficits and disabilities. It will structure and disseminate information about journeys/itineraries based on a person’s foot traffic profile in order to be of assistance during travel.

Citizen Impact
  • Improving mobility and social participation of citizens with motor deficits.
  • Improving the quality of life of people with motor deficits. 
Economic Development
  • Reducing the costs associated with the impacts of accompanying and transportation of people with motor deficits.
R&D Contribution
  • Developing an accessible in real-time environment navigation tool.
  • Developing an adaptable tool for various deficits at various severity levels.
  • Developing an interactive and multimodal interface on a mobile apparatus.
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