R&D Projects

Urban Security and Living Together

One of the fundamental pillars of a pleasant city to live in is its safety level. With a desire to align cities’ security and sustainability, the progression of our Urban Security and Living Together R&D program provided many students with internships in Quebec City’s organizations and businesses.

Smart Transportation and Inclusive Mobility

In the heart of the preoccupations and daily life of citizens, means of transports must adapt and evolve to the user’s needs. The Joint Research Unit in urban sciences and its partners gave themselves the mission to think about the future of mobility, its fluidity, its efficacity, its accessibility and the impacts of new technologies in an inclusive city perspective.

Governance and Citizen Participation​

The new R&D program in governance reflects the public authorities’ constant concern to get closer to the citizens and to promote the democratization of decisional processes in public affairs and state management.By engaging citizens in the development and the smart growth of the public space, we promise ourselves a future that represents our ambitions for the generations to come.

Sustainable Development, Environment and Water Management

Since the creation of the Joint Research Unit in urban sciences, public issues linked to water preservation and valorization aligned with a sustainable economic development perspective is part of its priorities. The impacts of this R&D program can also be found in the three other programs.