Urban Security and Living Together

Risk Analysis Toolkit

Project start
September 2016

Analyzing risk with the help of serious game-based training. Developing and testing on an experimental basis with a web simulation platform equipped with detection sensors for commitment/engagement in order to maximize learning.

Citizen Impact
  • Planning emergency interventions and risk management strategies through a better understanding of the impacts.
  • Contributing to the safety and protection of citizens and public infrastructure.
Economic Development
  • Fostering increased efficiency of services through better risk analysis.
  • Reducing loss of lives and assets.
  • Increasing accessibility to risk management training, at a reduced cost.
  • Create new services to be provided by partners.
R&D Contribution
  • Contributing to the field of cognitive skills training required for risk assessment.
  • Advancing technologies for screening learners’ level of engagement.
  • Using objective follow-up measures to validate that the required skills for risk assessment are mastered.
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