Urban Security and Living Together

Citizens as Social Sensors

Project start
January 2016

The goal of this project is to use the information provided by citizens (through social media and mobile devices) to identify emergency situations in real-time and qualify the needs of citizens in order to be able to better respond to those needs. This project also includes using the information provided by users of the RTC (public transportation network) in order to identify where actions and improvements could be required.

Citizen Impact
  • Providing services adapted to the needs of citizens with regards to public transportation and safety, as well as other services (such as snow removal, waste collection and parking).
  • Considering the level of citizen satisfaction through commonly used platforms.
Economic Development
  • Optimizing the services offered to citizens based on the knowledge and prediction of potential needs.
  • Increasing safety in the city thanks to the detection for urgent and suspicious events.
R&D Contribution
  • Developing new algorithms to classify information and data from social medias.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to better assist citizens.
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