Governance and Citizen Participation​

Good Governance Guide for Québec’s Municipal Service Management

Project start
July 2018

The purpose of this project is to learn from the governance experience of smart cities abroad. A good governance guide will be prepared using a tool developed by the Smart City Institute (SCI) HEC Liège. This tool will be adapted to suit the realities of the Québec territory and will provide guidance to decision makers on how to successfully carry out their public duties, specifically with regards to the management of cities and towns.

Citizen Impact
  • Allow public policy makers to regard the governance process as part of a complex system where citizens remain the central concern of public action.
Economic Development
  • Enhancing the governance process of the cities and towns in Québec in order to reduce management costs. 
  • Improving the public decision-making process.
R&D Contribution
  • Providing good governance tools to municipal decision-makers.
  • Raising awareness among public decision-makers regarding the complexity of the governance process.
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