Urban Security and Living Together

Internet of Things (IoT): Detection of Wireless Objects (Untrusted)

Project start

For a Smart City to exist there needs to be interaction between various interconnected sensors and actuators capable of sensing and acting on events occurring in the city. Several of these systems have a network capacity to interact with each other as well as with external systems and belong to the Internet of Things (IoT). Because these devices are used in critical infrastructures (e.g. smart airports, drinking water management, health care services, chemical plants, etc.), it is important to have security mechanisms in order to minimize the attack surface targeted by malicious attackers.

Citizen Impact
  • Providing continuity of critical services to citizens.
  • Protecting critical infrastructures that have an impact on citizens.
Economic Development
  • Reducing the costs associated with the repair of attacked infrastructures.
R&D Contribution
  • Studying the features of the wireless signal physical layer in order to extract the digital signature of the radio-frequency (RF) signal used for this type of communication.
  • Increasing noise tolerance, starting from classification accuracy for same model devices and when algorithms must identify if an acquired signal belongs to a group of known or unknown devices.
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