Urban Security and Living Together

Biometric Stress Measures

Project start

First responders and operators that work in control centers are exposed to extreme environments that often push physical and mental limits to their maximal capacities. One of those limits is linked to the stress level felt by an individual; many studies show that an excessive stress level is associated with a performance decrease. This project aims to determine the efficacity of the prosody analysis as a stress level indicator in public security workers.

Citizen Impact
  • Prevents degradation of performance in emergency interventions.
  • Better availability of public security’s resources for citizens.
  • Knowledge transfer of biometry to commercial applications (e.g. better stress detection with smartwatches).
Economic Development
  • Increase in efficacity of emergency interventions.
  • Decrease in costs associated with health problems caused by stress. 
R&D Contribution
  • Stress detection knowledge transfer to domains like aviation and medicine. 
  • Increase in robustness of biometric sensors in physical activity contexts. 
  • Technical contributions in voice analysis domain, useful for smartphones development.
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