Urban Security and Living Together

Optimization of Visual Incident Detection

Project start
March 2016

Security surveillance operators must observe, process and analyze multiple screens to ensure timely detection of incidents. However, variability in surveillance behavior can lead to untimely or failed detection of critical information. By monitoring operators’ eye movements, targeted countermeasures based on their behaviors can be defined and implemented, using notifications and alerts to avoid attentional tunneling and inattentional blindness.

Citizen Impact
  • Improving quality of life (safety and mobility).
  • Promoting people safety and fluid mobility through effective incident detection.
Economic Development
  • Promoting the quality of work related to mobility management (CGMI, RTC control center) and public safety (COUS).
  • Reducing the risk of human errors for which costs and consequences can be crucial.
R&D Contribution
  • Detecting attentional tunnelling and inattentional blindness more effectively in remote security surveillance operators.
  • Optimizing countermeasures designed to minimize attentional variations.
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