Urban Security and Living Together

Sensor Robots

Project start

Terrestrial autonomous vehicles can be very useful for real-time surveillance and intelligent protection of a city’s essential infrastructures like manufacturing sector factories and power plants (electric, wind, nuclear, etc.). This project will study the use of a robot fleet as a real-time surveillance system of an infrastructure state, feasibility, advantages and disadvantages.

Citizen Impact
  • Increase citizens security with a non-invasive surveillance robot.
  • Install surveillance systems where there are currently none.
  • Detect issues  that aren’t monitored.
  • Facilitate 24h surveillance.
Economic Development
  • Encourage entrepreneurship in Québec’s region by demonstrating the interesting challenges of a startup.
  • Make local partnerships beneficial to the local economy.
  • Reducing disputes and assurance reclamations could contribute to the economy.
R&D Contribution
  • Because of the sensors’ mobility, the fleet will allow collecting data with a better spatial resolution than with a static sensors network.
  • Creation of an autonomous and precise cartography system.
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