Urban Security and Living Together

Cognitive Solutions and Technology for Public Safety Management

Project start
May 2016

Integrate smart solutions for efficient safety management, within a dynamic environment realistically recreating context for urban safety surveillance. The experimental micro-world makes it possible to define a set of performance criteria central to the safety and protection of citizens and public property of the City.

Citizen Impact
  • Contributing to the safety and protection of the citizens and public property of the City.
  • Improving surveillance operator performance and preventing human errors.
Economic Development
  • Optimizing surveillance personnel selection.
  • Developing a surveillance operator training platform.
  • Develop technological solutions to cognitive challenges.
R&D Contribution
  • Establishing the monitoring function in terms of safety.
  • Developing and implementing cognitive countermeasures to support monitoring work.
  • Test the impact of the visualisation mode and surveillance strategy on the surveillance platform.
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