Urban Security and Living Together

Administrative Management Dashboard

Project start
January 2017

Human and financial resources management within the SPVQ (Quebec City Police Service) can represent a challenge since it involves reporting to two different agencies (the SPVQ and City officials). Managers must be able to monitor and explain any variations. The lack of a key administrative tool entails additional work for managers to accomplish this task. This project aims to develop a tool to support managers with follow-ups and reports regarding human and financial resources in the form of an administrative management dashboard.

Citizen Impact
  • Improving resource management in police departments.
  • Enabling managers to better monitor resources for a more proactive management.
  • Offering managers tools that will allow them to efficiently deploy resources over a one-year period.
Economic Development
  • Providing managers at the SPVQ with a tool for an easier and more effective resources management.
  • Reducing costs and time spent on data entry in the various systems.
  • Facilitating the production of reports for the SPVQ and the City officials.
R&D Contribution
  • Developing indicators for monitoring financial and human resources in a police department.
  • Developing a dashboard interface system for fast and efficient monitoring based on user-centered design principles.
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